CM Maturity Assessment

cm maturity assessmentMost likely you realize that Configuration Management is, or should be, an important business process for your organization and you know you have to do something to improve it.

But did you ask yourself the following questions lately?

  • How good is my organization in CM?
  • Where do we start to improve?
  • What should we do first?
  • How do we measure and monitor progress?

What we contribute

The ADSE Capability Maturity Model for Configuration Management helps you answer these questions. The ADSE CM Maturity Model is based on six process areas that are important for successful CM. ADSE charts and assess your processes and organization against our broad experience and “best practices”.

The result of the assessment is presented in a clear spiderweb diagram to provide insight in the current status of your organization and help you to define way forward to a better CM process.