14 januari 2021

ADSE enters Crystal Cabin Award competition with innovative sleeping solution

ADSE enters Crystal Cabin Award competition with innovative sleeping solution

HOOFDDORP, NL - ADSE is competing for a Crystal Cabin Award 2021 with our ground-breaking ‘Economy Sky-Dream’ concept.

Economy Sky-Dream offers a new economy-class sleeping experience for long haul flights. It can be installed in existing wide-body aircraft and creates an additional revenue opportunity for airlines.

A bed for each traveller

Our solution relocates the overhead bins to make space for three bunk beds in each centre seat row. The beds are up to 80 inches (2 m) long and 23.6 inches (60 cm) wide. 

adse applicaion 02 seated configuration     adse applicaion 01 sleeping configuration

Let's take a flight!

During the regular part of the flight, passengers of two seat rows will be seated facing each other to have comfortable leg space.

After dinner, the middle bed is lowered, converting the centre seat row into three equally spaced beds. This takes only seconds and can be done by the passengers or a flight attendant.

Watch our video HERE.



This innovative design has a minimum impact on operational procedures and emergency evacuation. It has been discussed with EASA and meets the latest airworthiness requirements.

Retrofit installation is possible in all modern wide-body aircraft, such as the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 and 777.

A win-win solution

Not only the passengers benefit. Airlines can increase revenues as the passenger density of the Economy Sky-Dream is similar to a regular economy comfort class. And a happier customer is more likely to fly again with this operator!

More information

For more information contact Mr. Eric van der Veen, Business Development Aerospace: eric.vanderveen@adse.eu.