18 december 2020

ADSE is building sustainable aviation in The Netherlands

ADSE is building sustainable aviation in The Netherlands

We did this with a contribution to the so-called ‘Electric Hybrid Flying Action Plan’ (AHEV). The AHEV offers insight into how the Netherlands can develop in the field of hybrid electric flying in the coming years. It is a partnership with, among others, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the NLR and TU Delft.

Contribution of ADSE

In order to determine the market opportunities, ADSE used it’s unique knowledge to create an analysis of possible innovations and their timeline. As an EASA design organization (DOA), ADSE also provided advice on a safe transition to hybrid electric flying from the viewpoint of certification. Finally, the technical risks and market risks of the Airbus ZEROe concepts were examined.

End goal

The ultimate goal of the AHEV is to enable and accelerate sustainable aviation by contributing to development with the Dutch industry.

More information

For more information, contact Mr. Maurice Boon, project leader AHEV (maurice.boon@adse.eu) or Mr. Eric van der Veen, business development (eric.vanderveen@adse.eu)