Working on safer level crossings for railroads at ProRail

Working on safer level crossings for railroads at ProRail

The question asked by our customer, ProRail

How can ProRail comply with the international safety requirements for level crossings while train traffic grows substantially and the budget is tight?

The challenge for ADSE

The first requirement for train traffic is safety on the track and for workers. One of the responsibilities of ProRail is the safety of level crossings. Last decade, the number of accidents has diminished to an all-time low. The challenge to keep that level or even improve it becomes more and more difficult. The best way to improve the safety of level crossings is to eliminate them or to build a tunnel or bridge. The first option is usually undesirable and the second is often too expensive.

The ADSE approach

For the ProRail Safety Management System, ADSE has developed an evaluation model that enabled ProRail to efficiently achieve the safety targets with only minor investments.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

We are proud to have developed a model that potentially saves ProRail and the Ministry of Infrastructure large amounts of money and simultaneously achieves the safety targets for level crossings.


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