A new interior for the NS Intercity trains

A new interior for the NS Intercity trains

The question asked by our customer, NedTrain

NedTrain is a maintenance and overhaul company, fully owned by the Dutch railway, NS. They also specialize in refurbishment of currently operational trains. This time the oldest double-decker Intercity trains needed an upgrade. This would include not only a complete new interior but also an integrated climate system. NedTrain asked ADSE: how can we set up a project organization to complete such a refurbishment? How do we manage multi-disciplinary design teams consisting of specialists from our engineering, procurement, production and maintenance departments?

The challenge for ADSE

Employees at Nedtrain were used to working with colleagues and teams from the same department and not in multi-disciplinary teams. They sometimes remained focused on representing their department instead of acting in the best interest of the project. Employees found it difficult to know and understand what was expected of them and to meet these expectations. All in all these facts did not stimulate communication and help the project book progress.

The ADSE approach

ADSE encouraged the specialists in the NedTrain teams to work together to produce a plan and schedule. In addition, ADSE stimulated communication between team members and other multi-disciplinary teams. Clear agreement of actions, setting realistic goals and good listening skills we essential. We have showed NedTrain employees how they can act in the best interest of a project by accepting responsibility and being open and honest with regard to expectations of yourself and your colleagues. Using this approach NedTrain was able to realize their objectives.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

For this project, ADSE supplied a technical consultant to lead one of the teams supported by specialist consultants as back-office support. Together we introduced a new way of working for NedTrain that is now being used in future projects. This success factors of this approach include, good listening and other forms of communication at all levels in the Nedtrain organization. Stimulating an open and honest relationship with team members to ensure that they ask for help. Finally, tailoring processes and methods from other industries to integrate them into the NedTrain environment and culture. This is our most prominent strength. This is also an excellent example of our ‘make it work’ consultany. Helping our customers reach great heights.  An achievement to be proud of. 


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