ADSE certifies real glass for aircraft cabins

ADSE certifies real glass for aircraft cabins

The question from our customer, AviationGlass & Technology

In 2013, ADSE was approached by AviationGlass & Technology (AG&T), a Dutch manufacturer of special glass laminates for aviation. AG&T has developed laminated glass and mirror products for application in aircraft cabins, called 'AeroGlass'.

Products include inner window panes, also known as decor windows, dust covers or lenses.

They are super clear, scratch-resistant and even save weight due to their ultra-thin design. In addition, AeroGlass mirrors provide unprecedented quality compared to traditional polycarbonate solutions for aviation applications.

The question of AviationGlass to ADSE was to get their innovative AeroGlass products certified.

The challenge for ADSE

The first step in the certification process was to extract the applicable set of requirements from the European aviation authority EASA. And since these requirements do not foresee the application of glass, ADSE had to propose their own 'means of compliance' to prove the safety of these new products. A so-called CRI process.

The ADSE approach

The launching customer for AeroGlass products ownes a Dassault Falcon 900B business jet. ADSE supported AG&T during all engineering activities and subsequently started an extensive test program.

Apart from flammability tests, abuse load tests and missile impact tests, ADSE performed head impact tests on the inner window panes.

aviationglass_head_impact.jpgIn a test set-up that represented the actual aircraft interior, a dummy-head was repeatedly fired at the AeroGlass window pane. Acceleration sensors measured the impact energy sustained by the head. 

These tests proved that the window pane absorbed enough energy to provide a safe environment for a seated passenger during an emergency.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

When ADSE announced their plan to certify real glass for aircraft cabins, many people were sceptical. But with perseverance and a systematic approach, ADSE has reached a unique result: An EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the application of laminated glass in aircraft cabins.

In the process, ADSE supported AviationGlass in Voorthuizen to obtain an EASA Production Organization Approval (POA) in record-breaking time.

Cristal clear innovations that we're proud of!

In the media

Dutch news channel RTL News broadcasted this item about AviationGlass (30-06-2015):
Nederlandse AviationGlass maakt extra dun glas voor luchtvaart


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