ADSE Introduces EASA-Approved application of Temporary External Decals

ADSE Introduces EASA-Approved application of Temporary External Decals

Finally you can apply temporary decals in a
care-free and EASA-approved way. 

Whether you want to fly once with a few advertisement stickers, or apply a full body wrap, ADSE offers one solution for any job. This allows you maximum flexibility to commercialize your helicopter operation while complying to all EASA rules and regulations.

Solutions for every helicopter type

We have developed turn-key solutions for all commonly-used helicopter types, including the Eurocopter EC120, EC135, EC175 and Robinson R66. In addition, we can customize our solution to any helicopter, large or small. So just tell us your business, and we will supply you with a quick and affordable solution.

Work with your preferred printing company

You can work with your preferred printing company. Thanks to our clear work instructions, they don’t need any aerospace experience or approvals.

What we deliver

•  A service bulletin (SB) for your helicopter types,
•  Work instructions for your printing company,
•  All EASA-approved agreements between the involved parties.

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