Anti ballistic panels for the NH90 helicopter

Anti ballistic panels for the NH90 helicopter

The question asked by our customer, Ten Cate

Ten Cate Advanced Armour (TCAA) asked ADSE to manage the development of the anti ballistic panels for the Eurocopter NH90. Ten Cate Advanced Armour (TCAA) produces armoured panels for the outer structure of vehicles. This meant that the organization had to undergo a transform to become an approved supplier.

The challenge for ADSE

All the aerospace regulations and the requirements related to reliability, maintainability (ILS) and flight safety were new to TCCA. TCCA experienced the large amount of engineering effort and the amount of documentation specified by the EC as an additional burden.

The ADSE approach 

We transformed the organization in such a way to ensure TCAA can procure and complete similar projects in the future. Since ADSE ensured that her consultants worked alongside the TCAA employees, managed the engineering activities and the organizational transformation, we have shown that such a project is possible with an excellent result.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

ADSE has taught TCAA how to complete an aerospace project independently to comply with all the addition requirements. This was achieved through sharing knowledge of ADSE specialists with TCAA employees and on the job coaching. TCAA has been able to create a new factory that meets all the aerospace quality requirements enabling them to complete similar projects in the future.

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