Certifying the Raven UAV to fly in civil Airspace

Certifying the Raven UAV to fly in civil Airspace

The question asked by our customer, MLA

ADSE has supported the Military Aviation Authority (MLA) in The Hague since 2006 with airworthiness and certification aspects. In this role, ADSE coordinated the certification of the Raven mini-UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The objective of the project was to certify the Raven UAV and to issue a Military Type Certificate (MTC).

The Raven is a lightweight UAV developed low-level flight to execute reconnaissance, surveillance missions and specifying ground targets.

The challenge for ADSE

The Raven was one of the first UAV’s in the world to achieve the Military Type Certificate. This meant that there were virtually no certification procedures or clear requirements specified. ADSE had to start from scratch by specifying requirements and writing procedures.

The ADSE approach

ADSE formulated a set of military requirements based on NATO airworthiness and military operational requirements.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

During the structured certification process, the Raven was validated for compliance with the airworthiness requirements. On 1 September 2009, the official Military Type Certificate for the Raven UAV was issued. The Raven is only the second UAV in history to obtain an MTC.


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