Development and design of a railway crossing installation

Development and design of a railway crossing installation

The question asked by our customer

A customer in the railway industry developing a level crossing installations needed assistance in the engineering phase for a new level crossing system. ADSE delivered a test manager, a test engineer, and some mechanical engineers in various positions.

The challenge for ADSE

Upon arrival of ADSE several sub-systems were already defined. However, integrating these systems would not lead to a successful end product compliant with the requirements. ADSE identified the required changes and assisted in the redesign and compliancy demonstration of several sub-systems.

TheĀ ADSE approach

Using Systems Engineering techniques and tools, design changes were identified and executed, resulting in a design compliant with the expectations and requirements set by the end-customer. To do so, functions at all system levels were identified and allocated to (sub-) systems. The design was validated using analyses, FEM simulations and full-scale component testing.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

With the extensive support of ADSE the customer is able to present a product family with verified performance. Carrying out the differ design phases thoroughly has led to a safe and well-tested series of certified products.

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