EASA selects ADSE as Qualified Entity

EASA selects ADSE as Qualified Entity

On 9 March 2012, ADSE has been contracted by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA as Qualified Entity (QE). This allows ADSE to perform authority tasks on behalf of EASA, alongside national aviation authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority in the Netherlands.

Certification, approval & surveillance

ADSE will perform product certification tasks in the following technical areas: structure, cabin safety, ECS & ICE protection, avionics systems, electrical systems, power plant and fuel installations. In addition, ADSE will perform approval and inspection tasks of ATM and ANS organisations. The execution of these tasks falls under the responsibility of EASA itself.

Support of the industry ánd the authorities

With the accreditation as EASA Qualified Entity, ADSE is recognised as a leading player in aviation product and organisation certification. As such, ADSE supports now both the aviation industry and the aviation authorities. ADSE prevents possible conflicts of interest between the two by applying strict procedures and a code of conduct.

Update 2018

ADSE has proudly taken this role as QE for 5 years. We now use the knowledge and experience that we gained to add even more value for our customers.

For more information, please contact:
Ron van Baaren
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