Workshop Systems Engineering

Workshop Systems Engineering

The question asked by our customer

Our customer, a well known urban rail transport company, wanted to know how it could be established whether a new track project would be a successful project.

The challenge for ADSE

During a one-day Systems Engineering workshop given by ADSE, there was a focus on the possible stakeholders in the project and to what extend their demands had to be fulfilled. Furthermore, there was an emphasis on how a proper verification and validation phase is to be executed, such that all stakeholders are convinced of the success of the project at completion.

The ADSE approach

Beforehand, the customer’s expectations for the workshop were discussed in order to adapt the workshop to the customer’s needs. Soon after consensus was reached, the workshop was given at the location of the customer’s choice.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

Using in-house available modules, ADSE was able to deliver a tailored workshop at short notice. ADSE gave the customer an insight into the world of Systems Engineering, and the customer was able to take its first steps in starting to use the benefits of Systems Engineering.


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