26 maart 2021

ADSE builds sustainable aviation with FutPrInt50

ADSE builds sustainable aviation with FutPrInt50

HOOFDDORP - NL, ADSE has published ‘Aircraft Requirements for Sustainable Regional Aviation’ together with Embraer  and the University of Stuttgart.

It contributes to the goal of the EU to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This work is part of the EU project ‘FutPrInt50’.

The CO2 footprint of aviation

Apart from the many benefits, aviation is responsible for 1 to 2% of human-made CO2 emissions. Many efforts are being pursued to reduce the negative impact and make aviation sustainable.

The past two decades, there has been a fast growth in regional air routes. To support this growth in a sustainable way, the vision of a regional hybrid-electric 50-seat aircraft was created. Electrifying the powertrain offers many benefits over conventional architectures since electric motors provide power without any local emissions.

Hybrid-electric: the best of both worlds

For now, the range of a fully electric aircraft is limited due to the current battery technology. A hybrid-electric concept combines the advantages of fuel and electric propulsion: It offers the range of conventional fuel, and the emission reduction of an electrified powertrain. It also enables new operation strategies, like using the batteries in flight phases where the most harmful pollutions and noise occur.

The challenges

Since a hybrid-electric system will add additional components to the aircraft, it increases the mass and complexity. And higher complexity leads to a higher effort for certification. However, according to the European Commission, an entry into service for 2035/2040 seems challenging but feasible.

Download the full report

The full report presents the top-level requirements for a hybrid-electric regional aircraft for up to 50 passengers. It addresses environment, market, operations, performance and regulations. In addition, different reference missions are defined to check whether these requirements are fulfilled. It paves the runway towards more sustainable aviation within two decades.

Download the full report here (PDF, 5 MB)

About FutPrint50

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FutPrInt50 is a project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

The goal is to develop a regional hybrid-electric aircraft, to identify enabling technologies and create a regulatory framework. The clean-sheet design accelerates the development of hybrid-electric aircraft and acts as a disruptor to regulators, ATM and energy suppliers.

See also the FutPrInt50 webpage.

More information

For more information contact Mr. Evert Windels of ADSE: evert.windels@adse.eu