16 november 2017

ADSE provides EMAR-21 training for Finnish Air Force

In the week of October 30th, ADSE has provided an on-site, two day EMAR-21 training course to a group of representatives of several organisations within the Finnish Air Force. The Finnish Air Force is currently in the process of adapting and implementing the EMAR-21 regulations for their situation.

The European Military Aviation Regulations (EMARs) are being developed by the European nations participating in the European Military Airworthiness Forum (MAWA). The aim of the EMARs is to develop a military regulatory system as common as possible for all partner nations, similar to EASA regulations. This system will facilitate and simplify cooperation between partner nations themselves, and partner nations and the industry.


As a partner of the Dutch Military Aviation Authority (MAA-NLD), ADSE has been involved in the development of the EMARs from the very beginning. Having worked side-by-side with the MAA-NLD for many years, ADSE has gained extensive knowledge of military aviation regulations, and the EMARs in particular. This knowledge allows ADSE to aid authorities in identifying the key challenges and overcoming them.

If you are interested in military training courses, please contact Rik van Zwol (rik.vanzwol@adse.eu).

For all other courses we would like to refer you to our 2017 training programme.